Monday, August 23, 2010

Those rides

Some days getting on the bike is the cure to all of the worlds problems, if only for a little bit..

Take today for example, it was overcast, been raining all morning, the roads were wet, it was a bit chilly outside. I'm stressing over next year's contract-who will want me and how soon will I know. I'm thinking about a friend who just lost her husband, I'm worrying about my errands I need to run for the day and bills and such. I had the option to take the day off or do an easy 30min spin, I figured I needed the spin.

So off I went, trying to get in a quick ride before the rain, looking up at the sky every couple of minutes and about 5 minutes into the ride, just like that, all of my worries go out the window. Who cares if it rains?(which it did) Why does it matter if my shoes get dirty and my bike gets dirty and I have to clean it? The errands will get done, the bills will be paid. Be thankful that the only thing I REALLY have to worry about is next year's contract. Then I think about all the things I don't have to worry about or all the things I can be so thankful for....

Like the fact, that I have this window of opportunity to ride my bike for a living. I'm healthy, happy and so is my family. I'm planning trips with them in the near future. My friends are all doing well. I just won a race and I'm racing more this coming month and I have short term goals to meet. I can't change the outcome of next year's contract or decisions so let it be. I don't have to worry about the start of school like my old co-workers have to deal with. I love being in Colorado and the rain feels so good actually. And just like that my ride is over, I'm back in town, soaking wet, dirty from all the road grime and I have a smile on my face and my head is focused and cleared.

Maybe it was the rain, maybe it is the good juju from riding the bike-getting the blood flowing, the legs spinning and the heart rate up. Whatever it is, I'm glad it is a part of me, makes me know I'm alive and well........

So to those errands:)

PS, I rinsed off my bike, wiped it down and she looks good as new, ready to go again tomorrow, whatever the weather is;)

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