Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Cascade and post race

Let me just say that Cascade Cycling Classic was awesome! It felt like a break through ride for me, I got in breaks, I attacked, and I placed in the top ten one day-success!! I had a blast!

Check out cyclingnews.com for results and race reports. Sorry, I was too tired to post everyday:)

So after Cascade, on Sunday, we drove to Portland to spend some quality time with some of our sponsors and participate in a couple of group rides. On Monday, we went to Nossa Familia coffee shop to do a meet and greet and did a group ride. After the ride, they had a keg of Ninkasi beer for us and we sat on the front porch of someone's house and enjoyed the afternoon with friends and beverages:)

Tuesday we drove to Eugene, visited Rolf Prima Wheels warehouse, participated in another group ride(loads of chics on bikes:)),raced in the Tuesday night crit, then went to Ninkasi for more beer drinking and a tour of the brewery-cool!!!! Eugene is a cool town, another one I could add to my list of favorites-it just had some really cool coffee shops and vintage shops, lots of cyclists, great roads and some really cool people:) Which brings me to a question.....wonder where I will settle down and call home????

Wonder if I will ever move back to MS???? hmmmm

Anyway, I digress......so today-Wednesday, I'm back in the airport trying to fly standby to get home and worn out.....hence me not being able to focus on one subject and finish a complete sentence:) sorry....

Next up-a break~3-5 days off the bike. Time to be a tourist in town:) Take Miller to the river, hike, check out some things-then it is back to work, there is still a couple of races to do and then maybe onto the track. I will ride my bike till it snows, then I will take a longer break before thinking about 2011.

ok....when I'm not so tired, I will post more and hopefully it is something worth reading, until then:)....


  1. We wish you lived in Mississippi and I am sure the Lunch Ladies could use some help.

  2. You need several homes so you can change with the seasons. The only cycling you could do here right now is before 8 am. Unbelievably sultry and and hot! Come here in December so we can take some more pics!!!