Monday, July 5, 2010


Wonder if Miller would wear these?
Post race chillin
The Hillside Girlz!
The week I got home, I had a visitor from home-my buddy, Andrea Wilson. She had driven across the country to do a race in Breckenridge this past weekend and she needed a place to stay for a couple of days before heading up to the race venue. I gladly offered up Dolores as the coolest town ever to stay in:)

So Andrea was so kind as to pick me up at the Durango airport at 10:30 Monday night, then we drove the hour drive home and called it a day, plus I got to see my baby boy-Miller was SO excited to see me:)

For the next couple of days, I had easy rides and Andrea had some business to take care of, i.e. bicycle stuff, so we got to hang out and drink a couple of cold ones and visit my friends for dinner before she left on Thursday morning.

As for this past weekend, I didn't have any big plans until Karen asked me if I wold be the bike leg of a relay team for a triathlon.....whoooo sounds like fun! A chance to ride my TT bike without any pressure AT ALL and have a good time with friends! I'm in! We had a blast! Karen swam, I biked and Terra ran- we were the Hillside Girlz! We got second place to a group of guys by seconds, ahhhhh. So to celebrate, I took a nap, then Michael and I went to Lance n Karen's for a cookout and to watch the replay of the tour(Tour de France). I was asleep by 10......whoa big partier:)

Maybe I'll jump in the river again today with my all my cycling stuff on...hmmmm

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