Monday, July 19, 2010

Bend again:)

I can't tell you guys enough just how much I love this place! This is now my 4th time to be in Bend and I'm loving it more and more.....:)

This race is gonna be a hard one but I'm totally looking forward to it. It is kind of bitter sweet because this is the last stage race of the year. So even though I will be doing one day races with the team after this it feels like it's over, I'm sad......whoa were did the time go?????

It seems like forever ago that I was at my first team camp, then San Dimas, then Redlands...then it starts to blur a bit:) But man what a great time I've had, even the bad days.....jeez...I totally made the right move to quit the ole 9 to 5er and go for it. I'm looking forward to racing as much as I can till the end of the season, whenever that is.....and I'm just hanging on to all the awesome memories!!!

But back to today....this's gonna be hard/fun/fast.......let's do it!

1 comment:

  1. I'm so glad you quit the 9 to 5er too! although we miss you crazy!!!
    Here's hoping you good juju on the Bend race, and so tell me this, little miss, what's the future hold?

    love ya, mich