Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Home Sweet home

Well real quick, the time trial wasn't all that great either. My start time was at 1:05 and it was screaming HOT! Plus with the lovely black kit, it just seemed to sink right into my skin......I was just tired of the heat by then. The course was an out and back(14miles)and then a lollypop(7miles)added on the end. On the way out, I ran out of water, which wasn't a good thing because a still had a ways to go! And I remember thinking to myself, oh sh-t not good.....but there wasn't anything I could do but just keep going the best I could. The way out was also uphill just about the entire 7miles so I wasn't going tooooo fast but on the way back I was doing between 30-40mph, NICE!!!!!!

Then I get to the start of the lollypop and it was like my mouth just dried up and my legs were on fire! It just seems like I was pedaling in sand but again, I was thinking, "Just get through it, don't quit". On the backside of the course, the Tanner family was there giving everyone a big cheer and it was at the perfect time, I needed it! By then we were only about 3k to the finish, so I just pushed it all the way and was so glad to see the water coolers at the finish line!!!! The first bottle went over my head, the second, third and fourth...down the hatch:)

After everyone finished, we went back to our host houses, cleaned up, ate and then it was off to the river!!!! We floated the river again, one last time and enjoyed the cool water and friends! What a nice ending to Bend.....

I also got to hang out with Mara Abbott a bit more and get to know her better, she and Ally are perfect for each other! They both have so much energy, I was having problems keeping up! But both are so much fun to hang with, good times fo sho!:)

So we finally headed East Sat. afternoon and got back home Monday morning. We stopped in Moab on Sunday night and I decided that when all the tourists leave, I will be back. It is a really cool town but it seems like there are a lot of "tourists" shops, with the t-shirts and all the pottery and stuff like that......no thanks, I want the REAL stuff, I will be back.

So now, it is time to train again to get ready for National Crits in 2 weeks, this should be fun as well!

Thanks for tuning in:)

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  1. Ok, you made it through,
    You met and had fun with great friends,
    I know you were looking good in your black crit,
    And got to see Moab and other great places.

    And now you are gonna do the same in two weeks?
    WOW is all I can say...

    Have fun, be safe and stay cool!

    You need a little Olympus waterproof point-n-shoot camera that I just saw for river trips and such... check it out