Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Perfect days

So I had one of those days yesterday where I couldn't wait to get on the bike and just see how long I could ride and where I could go! I don't know if it was the clouds building in the mountains and knowing the rain was coming or just one of those training days that it felt good to ride!

I played run from the rain most of the 3hrs, as soon as it would start sprinkling on me, I would turn around or try to make it to the next turn and head another direction until it passed. Maybe I'm just becoming one of those crazy cyclists that play those funny games that only other cyclists understand:)

So I'm for sure headed to St. Louis for the Gateway Cup, yay! I'm thankful that the ValueAct girls are letting me stay with them at the hotel. It should be fun, they are a good group of girls. The races should be interesting too, the first one on Friday doesn't start till 8:30 at night! That is going to be a sleepless night, it's a good thing that the race on Saturday doesn't start till 5 or so....

Well the coffee has kicked in so I'm off to ride and run some errands.....thanks for reading!

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