Thursday, August 20, 2009

New Plans

So my plans have changed regarding coming home for Labor Day, which is ok because I will be racing more and getting more exposure and experience. I do believe I'm headed to St. Louis, Missouri for a weekend of criteriums

The link:

It should be another fun session!!!

Some other things are also panning out for the fall and when the time comes I will fill everyone in. Just waiting on the official OK:)

The weather is still perfect here, the nights are just cool enough for a jacket and the days are perfect 80 degrees!

Check out FB for some cool pics from National Crits. I'm so happy for Tina Pic to have won, she is a wonderful person and it was well deserved, her team worked their -ss off!! Andrea Dvorak was always on the front keeping things together, she is pretty amazing herself.

Anyway, catch ya later! Hopefully I can come home before Christmas?????

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