Thursday, June 18, 2009


So I haven't had a whole lot to write about lately, I've just been training, hanging out and enjoying the life of a cyclist.  It seems I'm riding so much more now than I ever had and there are days when you don't want to get off the bike and then there are those you don't even want to pedal one more time around.  But thank goodness I have a lot more days that I enjoy that those I don't.  I enjoy seeing what my body transforms to, I enjoy the feeling after an intense workout and I enjoy the satisfaction of achieving another day's goal.

I'm hoping to race again sometime soon, until then I will use group rides and practice time trials as race simulation.  

In closing, I took this picture yesterday with my iphone while I was walking Miller.

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  1. Awesome! Been thinking about you, and found two photos on my work computer. Check out my blog tonight. Ride Hard.