Wednesday, March 7, 2012


Saturday officially started the 2012 travel/racing season with a trip to The Netherlands, flying from Tucson, AZ to Amsterdam - not to bad of a flight plan actually, only one stop in Houston.

So far it has been overcast everyday and the terrain and environment reminds me a lot of the MS delta - flat, farm lands, cold and dreary and lots of ducks! Ha! Minus the big trucks, it seems the same:)

We race on Thursday, Saturday and Sunday and I’m excited to get back to racing. We’ve checked out some of the cobbles from Saturday’s course and it seems the more I ride them, the more comfortable(if that’s possible) it feels. It reminds me a lot of cyclocross in the sense when you first see a cyclocross course, you take it easy and pick your line as best you can, then after a lap or so, you start attacking it more and more until it feels comfortable - yeah, something like that.

Other than that, just relaxing and having fun with the girls!

This is outside the grocery store, looking down the street and bike path...
Our town....
Signs to our Bungalows....
Our Bungalows....
Amanda, Megan and Sam...
My spot.....

Reading: Straight on till Morning(almost finished)
Watching: cycling on tv
Listening: stories from the girls
Eating: nothing special


  1. Have fun LT! Good luck! BTW...there are more "cyclist" per capita in the Netherlands than anywhere else in the world......well, atleast on the streets of Amsterdam.

  2. oh wow, we have "nothing special" about 4x a week. . . what a coincidence