Sunday, March 18, 2012


A quick blog about being thankful for Dolores and calling it home. In the quick 9 days that I am here, I've enjoyed 60 degree weather, blue skies and stops at a couple of my favorite places.

1. Dolores Food Market - Taz, you rock!! You have great products and a wide selection and a bunch of friendly folks.
2. Kokopelli Bike and Board - THE best bike shop in the four corners in my opinion. Friendly, lots of product in stock(year round) and supporters of women's cycling.
3. Breitenbach chiropractic - Dr. Bill has gotten me fixed right up and feeling good.
4. Lance, Karen and Michael - my ULTIMATE support group and best friends. Plus, the guys have been around women cyclists enough they have broken out the word, 'cute' by choice and then counteract them with raunchy jokes -but that's cool with me, you make me laugh.
5. Miller - he's been with me for 12 strong years. He is slowing down fast, which makes me sad but he is still so excited when I get home and such a sweetheart.

Plus the town is supportive of my endeavors, thanks Dolores!

I'm back on the road again on Wednesday, 21st to Redlands, CA for a stage race, then on to Amsterdam again for more racing abroad. I will be back April 19th, hopefully spring will be here:)

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