Friday, March 30, 2012


Today is Friday, race is on Sunday, so yesterday we drove from our B & B in Ter Aar to our Hotel in Wetteren then headed out on the bikes to preview most of the Flanders course.

It is such a feeling to know that these are the same roads that the pro men will be going over and how much history and stories there are from this race. It's such a big deal here! Caravans have already set up shop, they were getting the VIP tents set up on the cobbles and climbs and the barriers have already been set up. Racers are riding the course and there is a citizens ride on Saturday that covers most of the course.

It's such a small world sometimes. One of my old teammates from college soccer lives in Ghent and is coming out to the race! Wow! I haven't seen her since 1999! WHOA! Looking forward to that.

The weather was nice yesterday but today it was cloudy, cold and spitting a bit of rain, I'm glad I got in the time yesterday:)

Anyway, I'm hoping the race will be shown on this website: please check it out! Enjoy the pictures:)

One of the roundabouts from the course.....those are all bicycles!
My ride was done, here are 2 of the girls on a cobbled section. Notice the barriers on the left, not letting you ride in the gutter(smoothest part). The red buildings on the right, I think were part of the VIP sections.
In Ghent, a beautiful square with tourists and coffee shops...
Same square, looking to the right, down one of the streets....
From another corner, the buildings are beautiful!
2 of my teammates - Megan and Sam - at coffee...

Watching: random TV shows
Listening: Band of Horses
Reading: The Sweet Life in Paris by David Lebovitz
Feeling: ready for a nap:)
Eating: hotel meals

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