Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Redlands and home

I'm pretty sure I've said it 100 times - "It's good to be home". Colorado is definitely home for me, the mountains are so beautiful, the air is fresh and the temperatures are perfect! Ahhhh, "It's good to be home" (101)

After San Dimas, we drove to the Redlands host house-Jane and Dale, they recycle, they compost, they have a cool cat, a cold pool and a BIG house with a nice kitchen=perfect host house. My roomies were Janel and Heather and we had a good time with Jane and Dale. While in Redlands we had to do a photo shoot for the team, so we used some course recon to get in our shots while getting familiar with the races to come.

The time trial is a booger with a 1k climb at the end that is pretty steep and it hurts so bad-but we all got through it just fine:)

The team won the next 3 stages of the race and we are such a great group. When one of the riders wins, we ALL win and that is what it felt like! We have a lot of fun together and everyone has an awesome personality and it makes us all gel well together. I really look forward to this season-up next Sunny King in Anniston, AL, this weekend. It should be a great race!

But until then, Miller gets all my attention when I'm not riding:)

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