Tuesday, March 29, 2011

First race-San Dimas

Prepping for our photo shoot.....
As we left Borrego Springs, I looked back on the week and thought about the memories already made. The next destination was San Dimas time trial course, just so we could give it a look and think about the days ahead and our first race together. Then on to host housing in Simi Valley-2 houses open to us by amazing families.

The uphill 3.7mile time trial-for me not so good-first one, nerves, etc. but for the team Cath Cheatley was sitting in 5th=awesome.

Stage 2 was an eight lap circuit(56miles) and my teammate Heather Logan-Sprenger soloed in for the win and our sprinter-Theresa Cliff-Ryan won the field sprint!! It was a great display of teamwork.

Sunday was the criterium and we wanted to A: win the race B: keep Heather in second. Well the cards just didn't play out that way but Heather did stay in 3rd and Theresa was second in the race! So overall, for our first team race, it was pretty successful.

Sorry for the condensed version but I'm sleepy :)

We are now in Redlands prepping for that race that starts on Thursday, it should be some hard, good, racing. I'm looking forward to it....

Good night to all!

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