Saturday, March 19, 2011

Borrego Springs!

Good morning from Borrego Springs! The weather is warm, the wind blows in the afternoon and the wildlife is abundant. Plus there are metal, animal formations in the middle of no where who seem to appear when you aren't looking and are a wonderful surprise to all cyclists and motorists.

Today is an easy day, so I PROMISE to take pictures;)

The town is perfectly small, surrounded by mountains, desert looking, with one HUGE round a bout called Christmas Circle. We are staying at a resort with weekly or yearly rentals, so there are 2 to a condo-which is really nice-and we all meet at the team room to start our rides, have meetings and eat dinner.

We are the topic of town and were invited to the Chamber of Commerce's dinner last night to welcome and introduce us-it was really nice. They also introduced the artist who creates all of the metal sculptures, that was pretty cool as well. There was music, food and good laughs.

Pictures will be coming soon! Time to get movin....

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