Monday, December 20, 2010

New hobby

Check out my new hobby:)

This is a synthetic ribbon that was a bit harder to work with but turned out pretty cool-just for looks really-not much comfort or warmth...
Most of these are Christmas presents:) The one on the far left was my very first full length scarf, it seemed to take forever! My favorite is the blue scarf, the material feels SO good.....

I've become a knittin fool! I learned how to knit about 2 months ago and now all my spare time and for most of my Christmas presents, I've been knitting a BUNCH of scarves:) It has been interesting to see the progression in skills and I've been known to knock out a scarf in one sitting. I haven't learned how to pearl or to do turns or anything like that yet, I was waiting till after Christmas to learn something new, so only scarves for now, no hats or gloves but hopefully those will be next:)

By looking at all my colors, I would guess that I'm mostly 'earthly' kind of gal. I'm not big on being too flashy, so my work reflects this I assume. I've knitted alpaca wool, that was pretty cool except it shed worse that Miller! I like nice, soft fabric that feels good when wrapped around your neck but I have tried a more synthetic fabric just for looks. I'm not very partial to it but it is a gift so I don't have to wear it....hope they like it! hahah!

It has saved me a lot of $$$ this Christmas, which is always nice.

Ok, back to work people....time for yoga:)

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