Tuesday, December 14, 2010


Check out the FedUp w/ school lunch blog about the PB&J! That was interesting!!! I know Rankin Co(my previous job) always served FOOD, even if it was just a sandwich, it was something that the ladies put together themselves. If our director put this on the menu as a lunch item, I'm pretty sure the parents would riot. Or the ladies would be dissappointed they couldn't show their culinary skills-a lot of those ladies are very proud of the things they can cook and the good ones CAN COOK! Of course they are usually limited by the federal gov't. so most things are by the rules but sometimes, they 'slip' something good on ya and you are in school cafeteria heaven:)!!!

I love those ladies, I miss em and if anyone is reading this blog, I hope they are all having a wonderful holiday season.

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  1. I almost got sick when I went over to the school lunch site and saw that ... uh… sandwich. I think having that at school has to be some form of child abuse. Gez! Just thinking abut that thing has me feeling ill.