Monday, December 27, 2010

More Christmas fun

Well I'm trying to upload photos but Internet is a bit slow, so for now just words.

Ever since the last post, I've been hanging out with the family, eating LOTS of great home cooking and riding my bike. It was really cold yesterday, as the storm that is pounding the east coast, has brought cold, freezing temps to the south but I shall keep moving! Yesterday was the coldest with the wind chill of 30(it's colder feeling in the south b/c of the humid air) but it still wasn't impossible, you just have to be prepared for the worst and hope for the best and find routes that keep you in the sun, out of the wind or some combo like that.

Yesterday's clothing:
Long sleeve underwear thermal top
Long sleeve, fleece lined jersey
Wind breaker vest
Wind breaker jacket
Warmest gloves I have
2 pair of bib shorts
Knee warmers
Leg warmers on top of knee warmers
Warm but not thick socks
Wind breaker shoe covers
Wind breaker hat
Ear covers
Plus, helmet, shoes, food, phone, spare stuff....and I was fine. The first 10min are always painful just b/c of the cold but once you get going, life is good and you get lots of stares but you know you are doing something productive and good for yourself. I also think that March is right around the corner-I'm ready for a good year this year.....

I have another ride today, longer but it is a touch warmer today so a small change in the clothing from yesterday. Some of the guys said it was too cold, seriously??! Wimps:) Anywho, I fly back to Colorado tomorrow, then hopefully a couple of days of snow skiing then time to head south for some warm weather training.

I wonder if mom would buy Miller a plane ticket next time?

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