Sunday, October 4, 2009

Sunday Ride

So today, three of us headed out for a 3hr road ride, dressed quite warm because the forecast was windy and rain and it was already getting cloudy. I'm still trying to get used to the climate, the wind is cold but when it stops, it is WARM and when it is cloudy it is cold and when the sun shines it is WARM. So it's a bit different from the south in that, when it's cold, it's COLD and usually wet but this high elevation(~7000ft) it is just a totally different feeling.

So my dress for the ride was: of course bibs, jersey, then arm warmers, leg warmers, light shoe covers, light, long finger gloves. I also brought my rain jacket, and warmer headwear, just in case we ran into a lot of rain-that's when it gets REALLY COLD.

Thank goodness the rain gods held off for the majority of the ride but I guess they were making room for the WIND gods b/c it was like riding in a tornado! Sometimes the wind would be blowing so hard, I would be afraid to look up from the road to see how hard the trees were blowing!! JEEZ!

All this to say that it was a really cool ride b/c I can see now where all that base and racing comes into play for the years to come. It was like my legs thought the ride was semi easy but my lungs were hurting a bit! I can't wait to see what happens next year in racing, after today, I'm really excited.

3hrs after not road riding for about 2/3 weeks and I still felt good, says a lot to me. Anyway, I was just excited and thought I would let y'all know:)

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  1. Hey, I'm right there with you, but don't they make cameras in Colorado any more? What's up with no photos?

    Commune with the photogods, okay?