Friday, October 2, 2009


Well I think it official......time for the weather to turn! We had a hard freeze last night, which isn't quite the same as being in MS huh?

I got back from Interbike the end of last week and boy was I ready to get back. Vegas is really cool for like 2 days, tops! Then all your clothes start to smell like cigarette smoke because "the man" makes you walk through the casinos to get to everything, food, outside, check-in, sidewalk...anywhere!! But it is still cool to walk to the Bellagio and check out the fountains shooting up high in the sky to some sort of upbeat song and it does this every 15min or so, a totally impressive use of engineering. And the lights, music in EVERY casino is so festive and party-like, they just are begging you to come in and play! But like I said, it was so NICE to get back to Colorado-silence, fresh air, calmness, no one to run into once you start a walk and a bit of a chill in the air!

I did get to watch my teammates in the Cross Vegas cyclocross race and it was my first cross race to see and it was AWESOME! The fans are so much fun and interesting, the racers(at least my team anyway) are super cool and laid back and the venues are so much fun! I can't wait to get out there and give it a try. My bike is almost pieced together thanks to the USWCDP director Michael Engleman and my sponsors(Blue, TRP, RoL, Hudz, Subaru). A few of us also cleaned up a practice course right here in town and we plan on having some "pros" over (Ruthie Matthes and Chad Wells) to teach us a thing or two about mounting and dismounting and then hopefully I can start racing!

The other thing that is on my agenda in the next couple of weeks, is to fly to New Orleans to spend a weekend with the family, while my brother races his Porsche around town with the others in the Porsche Club. It will be a quick weekend, fly there on Thursday night and fly back on Sunday but at least I will get to see everyone! It has been since April and I'm a family gal, so I miss em! I'm still planning on going home for a couple of weeks sometime around Christmas.

Thanks for reading!


  1. Hey Lauren! Great to hear from you!!! I know what you mean about Vegas, it's good to go and good to leave.

    I love the photos on the USWCDP site! and your header photo,too! WOW, look at those fabulous legs!

    Have fun in N.O. and take care!

  2. Michelle is the only one to be oh so kind to leave a reply almost every post. Would anyone else like to put in their two cents? Anyone? Thanks Michelle!

    Are you back at work? How are you?