Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Race Across the Sky

So tonight I had the opportunity to go to the premier of the movie, Race Across the Sky, a.k.a, Leadville Trail 100. If you get a chance check out the website or if it is showing in your area, just check it out. It will give you a bit more appreciation to us cyclists and even more to those that dare to ride 100 miles of trails at altitude!

Another cool part of the premier, Lance Armstrong was there as well as some of the other pro racers: Matt Shriver, Dave Weins and Travis Brown, as well as the director of the Leadville race and race anouncer, Dave Towl. What a great show these guys put on, great stories and some good laughs.

So keep checking out the blog, I'm gonna try another video tomorrow, hopefully with some people at Fort Lewis College:) Should be entertaining!

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