Thursday, January 9, 2014

Back at it

Welcome to 2014! December was full of family, friends, food and fun, it was a time to get back to riding and training, anything new for 2014 happened in December.  I migrated to warmer weather for training and before Christmas I flew to Mississippi to spend two weeks with my family.

We used cardboard boxes to slide down the hill(my 7yr old nephew, 2yr old niece, sis-in-law and myself), we cooked lots of wonderful food, my brothers hunted, I rode my bike in the Vicksburg National Military Park and we visited The Old Depot Museum and the Old Court House.  People drive by these gems every single day(I did) and they are missing something beautiful and historic.  Dad also showed us his new project, a two story OLD building downtown with so much potential and COOLNESS!!!

Some pictures:

 The project getting a new second floor
 Where the old floor joists were.
 Dad and Alex playing ball

 Brother Ben...
 Mom was amazed by the machine in the mall :) ha! Cute...
 One of the monuments in the park
 Some of the things you can see in the Old Depot Museum

 The Old Court House, we had so much fun here….

 My niece getting ready to ride...
 A morning view from the house, barges and boats pass by all day..
 Riding my bike, another view of the MS River

 This is a pretty popular spot to take pictures of the Vicksburg bridges...
 Downtown, walking around...
The Old Depot Museum at sunset..

After Christmas and New Year's it was time to fly back to the warmer weather and get back to training in earnest.  I also want to take a moment to highlight a group that is helping dial me in  - Esoles and Dave Dalton.  Dave took the time to study my foot and ankle mobility and weak spots, then fitting me with custom insoles for my cycling shoes and my everyday shoes.  All of this work should equal a better, stronger pedal stroke by keeping my heels and arches more secure.

Esoles is world wide but Dave is located in Tucson.  He was super helpful, easy going and really dialed in on what he was doing. And I'm in good company by seeing all of the signed jerseys, hats and posters.  Dave works with all types of people, not just athletes and not just cyclists.  So think about that if you have knee or back pain or troubles walking, etc.


 When you walk in….
 Dave was too fast and busy to stop for a smiling photo, man's workin!
 Old, new and molds….
 Some of the science and technology...
More jerseys! 

Optum has sponsored up with Diamonback bikes for 2014.  When I tell people this, a lot of folks, remember them as a mountain bike mostly.  I didn't follow cycling or ride bikes when I was little or growing up, so I think if that's the case, it's cool they are coming back around as badass road racing bikes:)  I'm pretty excited about the bike, it's sweet!!! Check out this press release from the team, I have a small quote on the new partnering.

Ok, well it's time for me to get ready to ride…..Happy New Year and I will start posting more frequent that the year has kicked off.

Reading: One Summer, America 1927 by Bill Bryson
Listening: Yellow Shirt by Kylie Marcus
Watching: the beautiful sunrise
Eating: kiwis
Website:, my brother turned me on to this website…just something fun to look at.

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