Saturday, November 2, 2013

MS, possums and gaters...

On Oct. 18th I flew to Asheville, N.C. to visit my brother, sis-in-law and niece.  Mom and dad drove up the following Monday(dad's b-day) and we stayed till Thursday.  We played with the baby mostly, she is starting to really talk, did a little shopping and dad and Ben worked on his shed project.

Thursday,  the 3 of us(me, mom and dad) drove across Tennessee, stopped in Nashville at my cousin's brewery, Yazoo Brewery.  He gave us the grand tour of the new bottling line and we visited for a little while in the tap room, admiring all of the MS art work.   By the afternoon we arrived in Olive Branch, MS to stay with my oldest brother, sis-in-law and nephew.  T3 had a soccer game and we had lots of fun watching him run around - he is such a clown!

The next day, back in the car to Vicksburg, MS via downtown Tunica to have lunch with my brother.  Lots of visiting, lots of driving and never enough time.

Things slowed down just a touch once I was in Vicksburg.  I juiced for mom and dad, cooked supper, walked in the park, rode my bike with my uncle, visited a bike shop and Googled whatever dad wanted - which was a LOT! He would say, "punch up on the puter…." something about music, something about a town, something about cycling, something about a place we visited once before.  Google has ALL the answers.

On Friday, November 1, I flew back home to Colorado and now I'm gearing up for 2014 season.  I've signed on for another year at Optum and I can't wait.  The management, sponsors and riders are stellar and I wouldn't be anywhere else.

So, I have lots of fun pictures for you guys… have a good laugh.

 This is a pig's foot.  We went to a party called Pig Fest…. I got tha T-shirt…. that's my uncle Peter on the right.
 Riding through the military park, one of the views…..
 Roadkill in Louisiana - gaters!!!!!
 I'm looking for a good possum recipe…. anyone? Anyone?
 The awesome employees of Indian Cycle in Jackson - stop by and say hello if you are ever in MS...
 Dad is a bad influence!
 Happy B-day dad!!!!
 We went to a boat guy in Mooresville, N.C. to look at his work, click HERE to see his website.  He had lots of boats and toys:)
More boats...

 An engine we ended up taking back to one of dad's buddies…..
 This is Pat, the owner, with dad...
 Brother Ben and dad working on a project...

 My sweet, sweet niece...
 Pumpkin time!
 Startin em young! Baby pull ups!
 5 more before bedtime!!!
 Our goofy pumpkin….
 My cousin's brewery in Nashville, can't miss it! Website click HERE
 My nephew with the whoopee cushion we bought him:) hahaha! sorry mom and dad;)

 Lunch time...
 At the Hollywood in Hollywood, MS!!!! Well actually the original burned down and they rebuilt in Robinsonville, MS.  I had the fried catfish - oh my gawwwd good!
 At a wedding with some wonderful people and friends.
 I'm sure Dan was about all pictured out at this point, what a trooper...
 Selfie with mom!
Hal n Mals is one of the best places ever and these are some of my closest friends….

Reading: Wheelmen by Reed Albergotti
Watching: Saturday football
Eating: leftover Halloween candy ;)
Listening: Cold Mountains by Crooked Still
Website:  I love Mississippi!!!!


  1. LT...your dad always makes me laugh! Ms Martha looks great!

  2. LT, I love your family! Good times!

  3. Lauren, Just checking your blog and saw your photos. I thought it was cool that I had found a pro cyclist from Vicksburg, but now, I think I know who your Mom is because (if I'm right) I was friends with your Uncle John K. way, way back in high school at WCHS! Yeah, I'm old!