Friday, September 28, 2012

What a night

Last week, Michael and I arrived in sunny, warm Huntington Beach to prepare for track nationals in Carson, CA.  I wish more people would check out the track.

Ok, so the location pretty much stinks but the venue is amazing!!! The LA Galaxy(men's pro soccer/David Beckham) play on the same campus, US Tennis Association is there, tons of beautiful soccer fields and most important - the Velodrome!  You can make it a family trip! After you watch some track racing, take the kids down the street to Anaheim to Disneyland, then head to the beach for some sun and surf.  COME ON PEOPLE:)

Ok, back to racing....

After arriving and a couple of days at the track - to get used to left turns and no floating of the pedals - there was a pre-nationals race on Saturday.  I raced the scratch race and points race, I didn't win but it was nice to pin numbers, race against some great girls and get that 'hurt' feeling going.  Then it was the final countdown to Thursday.  Thursday morning was the individual pursuit(3k) qualifying and Thursday afternoon was the IP finals and the Scratch race and there wasn't much time in between the 2 but I was focused on the IP, it was my most important race.

I raced the finals against Kimberly Geist.  It was a battle to the end but I took the victory and was so happy!  As soon as I walk off the track to try and cool down and get ready for the scratch race, USADA makes their way towards me to inform me that I was the 'chosen one' :)  No problem but I have this other race I have to do first.  Michael was scrambling on changing my gears, bars and seat for me while I was changing, getting re-pinned(needed both numbers instead of the one that I had for the IP), warming up/cooling down and realizing I was a national champion.

I was so wound up from the pursuit, I didn't have any nerves going into the scratch race but I could sure tell lots of other girls did.  Before I knew it, Jackie Crowell and myself were off the front successfully taking a lap on the field.  After lapping the field I knew I just had to keep my eye on Jackie and make sure I stayed high on the track, so not to get boxed in for the sprint.  As the last lap card was up and the bell rang, I made my move and crossed the line first! 2 wins within the hour....unbelievable!

There are still 2 days of racing for me: Saturday, points race and Sunday, the madison with my partner, Kate Wilson.  I don't know what will happen in those days but I'm looking forward to them and enjoying one of the most amazing nights I've ever had on the bike.

 Suffer face towards the end of the pursuit..
 The pursuit start...
 Staying focused, relaxed, calm....
Scratch race start....

Reading: NYT's
Watching: Hulu, catching up on new shows
Eating: a lot of take out = lots of late nights at the track

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  1. Lauren:
    Thanks so much for taking time before the 25k race on Saturday to talk to my 8-year-old, Henry. He was thrilled to have met you, and is now determined to ride track as well as you do! And it's awalys great to meet someone from Mississippi. Thanks, John