Thursday, September 20, 2012

Summer coming to a close

Here I am in sunny, warm, Huntington Beach, sitting by the pool 'resting' before the last chapter of the 2012 season.  Track Nationals are a week away and I'm here getting my legs used to the track gears and my body ready for the short, intense efforts.

I had 2 full weeks in Colorado after the last road race in Italy.  This time of year at 7,000ft is WONDERFUL! The leaves on the Aspens were starting to turn, there was a fall breeze and the temperatures were cooling off fast.  Plus football is now in full swing, everyone is talking about cyclocross and the off season, it feels good to be winding down the summer.  I love having all the seasons.

After track nationals I'm headed to North Carolina to see my 7 month old niece and then to Mississippi to see my nephew and spend some much needed time with the family.  I can't wait! I know dad will have some project for us, around the house and mom and I are going shopping! whoohoo!

Miller is at a doggie camp while I'm gone but I'm sure he is happy, there are other dogs and he is a social dog.  He has his moose, his bed, his pills and his food bowls, so as long as the food is coming I'm sure he is in doggie heaven:)

But for those guys and gals still riding on the road, training for worlds, I wish them all the best of luck.  My teammate Megan has been in Euroland since we left, August 13th and she is racing road worlds on the 22nd - kick some ass chica!

 Some Aspens showing off their amazing colors....
Miller headed to doggie camp...

Watching: HBO's Newsroom - LOVE IT!
Listening: Eric Church, Creepin
Eating: white nectarines
Drinking: $1.99 red wine - no joke! it's pretty good!
Website: all kinds of different instructors with all levels and types of yoga practices.

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