Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Warm weather skiing

AHHHH! That's what this guy is saying! Thanks Brandon, for the picture:)

So we made it back from the tumultuous Tucson, actually I think they are rallying together so I correct myself....I had a great time in Tucson w/ my most awesomeness host and hostess, thank you guys! Hope I get to come back and maybe this time actually ride w/ you!

Miller is one happy pooch, when I was unpacking, he got all upset because he thought I was packing again-awww, shame! And thank goodness, it hadn't snowed at all, so no shoveling to park the truck and the roads were entirely clear of snow, so smooth sailing.

On Sunday, it was time to ski again! Whoohoo! I was excited and it was a lot warmer than last time! Last time my nose hairs froze b/c it was like in the teens or something but this time, it was almost 40-nice! I hear of one Minnesotan skiing in a T-shirt in this weather(Missy) and I totally believe it! But again, it was perfect! A good 2hrs and I was toast. Then it was time to do the usually back in town stuff: check the overflowing mail box, stock up on food(now I'm broke), take Miller for a walk.

I noticed that the classic track on the trail had turned purple! What is that all about I asked??! It is because of these tiny bugs(looks like vanilla bean ice cream to me) get pushed down into the snow and so many of them-it turns the snow to a purple color. Gross yet cool!
Just another beautiful view in the woods....

The view from an overlook, this is looking at the San Juan mountains....

Sidenote: New book-Eat, Pray, Love . I finished At Home: A Short History of Private Life two days ago and I highly recommend it!! I learned so much, like why we say "Sleep tight" or where "limelight" came from. And I'm interested in the CD, "Pickin on Coldplay: A Bluegrass Tribute" and for the first time I've watched The Colbert Report-wow that guy is funny!

Have a great day!!!

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