Sunday, November 14, 2010

New fun

So I've made it to beautiful Irvine, CA to visit the Tanner family and give it a go on the track. While I'm doing this whole cycling as a lifestyle bit, I want to try every aspect of cycling.

So this is how my racing career goes:
My first stage race-with Amber Neben and the Nurinberg team
My first cyclocross race-UCI against Katie Compton and the crew..
So my first track experience-LA Velodrome, where the likes of Lance Armstrong, Kristin Armstrong and some of the world's best perfect their skills.

This is day 2 and I've fallen in love....

Day 1: Here is a track bike, here are the different positions on the track, here is how to clip in...go....My thoughts, "I'm nervous" "Look at the banking on this thing!" "This feels weird" "I wanna know how fast I'm going" "I want to go faster" "This is AWESOME!"

Day 2: Learn how to ride in a paceline, then some moto following along with madison practicing(or something like it)....My thougts, "I'm nervous" "Look at all these people" "I love going fast" "This is REALLY fast" "I feel sorry for the guy that I'm 'pushing' cause I think he is doing a lot of work b/c I'm not very comfortable with all this yet" "I think the guy just got a bit more of a push" "This is AWESOME!" "My girl stuff is KILLING ME"

So tomorrow is a day off, we will do an easy 2hr ride, then get back after it on Tuesday-I really look forward to it.

Check some of the pictures of the LA Velodrome....

I'll post after another trip to the track...

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