Thursday, November 18, 2010

2 more days

So another 2 days at the track and another 2 learning sessions. I've also enjoyed going a couple of hours early to watch others and what their training sessions are. Yesterday was a group of kids, YES KIDS!, looking to age from 10-16, going around in circles with no problem at all, it was very impressive. I guess when you are that age you really don't have much to fear and all new things are still fun-hmm, I just described myself:) hehehe

I liked the drills they were doing, the coach was pretty much forcing them to look around and be comfortable with people above and below them....

So my training included:

Day 3-We warmed up with 40 or so laps, then Roger says, "Ok, we are going to do 140 laps...." and then I heard blah, blah, blah...:) I knew I could do it because we did 100 laps the previous session but these laps were going to get progressively faster every 20 laps, so I did my best and hung on as long as I could(seeing I have a really small gear to learn with) which was about 43 laps to go, I was happy with that. And then Dena Eaton and I did 2 sprints, after that, I reallllllyyy needed to change my saddle or something had to give, SERIOUSLY! So I asked Roger if it was ok to change the saddle for next session.

Day 4-Another good warmup-80 laps and this time I wasn't protected by an awesome wheel to follow, so I was actually following a guy that would serge and drop(more room please). After the warmup it was time to work on more sprints, again, getting more comfortable and reliable as well.

I totally understand why the track is so rule oriented. If one person doesn't have a clue what they are doing or what the rules are, it wouldn't take long for something bad to happen. There are so many people and we are going around so fast and there is no way to slow down....

Another day today, one more tomorrow, then we will see what the future holds. In the mean time, I will do easy road spins, rest, eat....oh and take random pictures:) Like the strawberry fields, smog, traffic:)

Hope Miller is ok....I miss my bud

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  1. I love ready about your adventures! Michael said something about Madison??? :) We should do it! Hope you are having tons of fun. Hope i get to see you some more at some CX Races!