Saturday, June 12, 2010

A quick week

Thank you Kokopelli Bike Shop!

It seems like I just unpacked my bags and I'm getting ready to pack em again:) Yahooooooo....

So my bad ju ju carried over till Tuesday.....I headed over to Durango for the Tuesday 'Worlds' ride with Lance and we met Michael as well. It was going to either be a great ride or I was going to totally blow up-I was feeling REALLY GOOD! About 30min in I was with the hammerheads, enjoying life when I reached over to shift into a smaller gear and nothing. Again, nothing. UGH!

So I pulled out of the group, pulled over to the side of the road in my 12(the hardest gear) and Michael stopped to take a look and my day was over, well kind of. I had to limp back about 8miles to the truck, so I took this 'opportunity' to work on my pedal stroke, since I was probably pedaling at like 20rpms! hahaha!

Anyway there are plenty of positives from this:
1. I think of these issues as opportunities to think about what I would do if this happened in a race and how I would react.
2. Thank goodness for the awesomeness of Kokopelli's Bike Shop for letting me borrow a bike while mine was out of commission.
3. At least it didn't happen during a race.
4. My team mechanic, Brian, was so awesome in overnighting me what I needed to get back to good:)

So also this week, Carla and her sister Alice were driving through Colorado and had the chance to stay in Cortez for the night, so we got to have dinner together! YAY! How cool would that be, to get in a van, point it one direction and just go and I think they are headed all the way to Alaska-HOLY SMOKES!

Well that's about it for the week, time to watch some soccer and get movin....

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  1. Hey Sweetie!
    Another busy week for sure!
    I got to see Alice's van when she came by for Carla's retirement. The van is amazing and Alice is a sweetheart!

    I can't imagine the freedom of it all...retirement, van, lotsa road...Alaska bound.

    You are looking great! Hot little dress you got on there, missy!

    Stay cool and ride hard, Michelle