Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Bad ju ju

I'm hoping that after this weekend, all my bad ju ju is gone:) Here is the list in order of the weekend:

  • Durango - Denver flight delayed 3hrs
  • Missed flight from Denver to Tulsa
  • Shuttle to hotel.....20min away, supper at 9:30, try to sleep by 11
  • Leave hotel at 8 to catch 10am flight
  • Get to ticket counter for flight, mechanical
  • Flight is going to be delayed 3hrs.....hmmm I race today, this is gonna suck
  • Oh wait! flight not delayed just moved to a diff. gate....and we are off!
  • Become travel zombie somewhere between Denver and Tulsa and Whole Foods, just wanna get somewhere:)
  • Get to host house at 4pm, we race at 7
  • Get to ticket counter to go home, they have zeroed out my seats
  • Have a 30min layover in Denver, this is gonna be a runner
  • The plane lands but can't get to the gate b/c the crew isn't there, tic toc
  • Get off plane, run to gate, no plane, wrong gate, delayed flight
  • Last but not least........bags don't arrive in Durango for another 4hrs
So like I said, I hope all my bad ju ju is out and gone!!!! The positives were that I got to have most of this happen with Alison T., my new favorite travel buddy b/c she and I could laugh 99% of it off and we had some fun times chattin it up. I also got to see some of my teammates and staff that I haven't seen in a while, so it was good to catch up with them and eat some good post race meals together:)

More positives.....
Tulsa Tough was awesome! I loved the races, the environment, the fans, the atmosphere....good times for sure!!!

On the last day, the crowd had gathered on 'cry baby hill' and every lap it got more crazy. I remember seeing a baby doll that was being tossed around, a guy dressed in the devil outfit and a bunch of crazies cheering us on...I think one guy even offered me his phone number! hahaha! crazy! But fun as hell!

I also got to meet my friend Doug Lamunyon's brothers. One of em owns a place called In a Tub and everything at the restaurant is FRIED! hahaha! I would like to eat there once.....maybe one day....

My host house mom was sooo nice! She had a sweet old dog and the house was right beside a bike path.....just good home feeling....

So I travel again on Monday, I'm headed to Nature Valley Grand Prix and from there Bend, OR for Nationals, NO BAD JU JU! :)

Miller would like to go to the river now.....

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  1. Good gawd. You can't make this up, can you?

    Be sure you are taking lots of vitamin C ~ there are cooties out there, you know.... and you are suckin' in airplane air and such!

    Sounds like Tulsa Tough was a fun, fun time!

    You take care of yourself and ride hard!!!