Thursday, May 27, 2010


Well I made it home on Monday night after a couple of delays and cancelled flights but it was all ok once my head hit MY pillow...zzzzzzzzz....

So Tuesday someone thought it would be a good idea for me to do Tuesday night worlds in thoughts the entire ride were, "I left my lungs in MS!!!" but it was good to ride with my teammate Alison T. She has been here for a couple of weeks and taking in the sights and getting some quality altitude lovin, I think she is having a good time.

The weather here has been a perfect 80 degrees, low in the 40's at night, wow what a difference! I kind of understand why folks aren't out and about more back home, it is just down right nasty hot! If you aren't doing something at sunrise or sunset, you ain't gonna! Unless you wanna sweat, which isn't a problem for me but hey...everyone is different:)

I think the summer time folks that come to town are all here now, it seems a bit more busy than normal days.....WELCOME:) keep your eyes on the road, I'm out there working:)

Miller and I have been spending some quality time together:) awww, he is so sweet! It is warm enough and the water is high enough, I've taken him to the river for the last 2 days in the afternoon. He loves the water....what else can I say?

So this weekend is Iron Horse Bicycle Classic in Durango, it is an awesome race and a lot of the pros come in town for the racing. Then next week, Alison T. and I are headed to Tulsa, OK for Tulsa Tough, then back home:) I'm getting the hang of all this travelin and knowing what to pack, it gets easier as the summer progresses b/c you know you don't have to pack as much clothing! Nice!

So I'll check back in after the weekend, y'all be safe out there!

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