Friday, November 6, 2009


Last weekend, Chad Wells and I drove 6hrs to Boulder for Haunted Cross and Boulder Cup, it was a total blast! It had snowed that previous Wednesday and Thursday, hence my previous post of snow:) so the conditions were super muddy once it all melted by Saturday morning.

Saturday's race was all about skills, muddy, tight turns, roots, hills and one small sandpit. That was my first CX race ever......thank you Katie Compton for kicking my butt all over the place and lapping me:) Good times for sure!

Sunday was based more on fitness, it had a lot of grass/gravel sections and 3 sand pits that were killer! Again, Katie lapped me and I called it a day w/ 2 to go....but I still had a blast as you can see from the pictures:)

So we came on back home on Monday after going out Sunday night w/ a couple of the guys...Troy Wells, one of his Cliffbar teammates, Adam Synder and Chad and this week I'm getting ready for the local race. I'm hoping most of the people from Durango are coming over(45min drive) Sunday afternoon for some racin and socializin at the pub afterwards.

I'm hoping to do a bit better this weekend, I've been on the course a bunch practicing my skills but my fitness for cross is still lacking a bit but I'm ok with that.....I just enjoy being out there playing:)

Now to see what mom sent me in the boxes:) Thank you MOM!

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