Friday, November 13, 2009

Bike for sale/Dotfit

It's rainin today, which means fun on the cross bike:)! I will probably ride the race course from last weekend and do some efforts......I'm thinking about going to the rec. center afterwards and shooting some hoops.

New videos:

It's funny I have days like this, I want to lift weights, play ball, ride my bike whatever, just a bit of everything! Is that my competitiveness going into overdrive? Or me just wanting to have some fun doing everything? But I have to keep all that fun a bit at bay because I have a race on Sunday and I surely don't want the residual effects of all that fun to show up Sunday when I really need to be on my A game. So I will probably ride my bike and then shoot some hoops....

On Wednesday, I took Miller to the vet for a little bit of surgery....he had a tumor removed from his eye, something else removed from his butt(no details) and a skin tag removed from his back foot. He is such an awesome dog, he comes home all drugged, wobbling around and the first thing he wants to do is chase the tennis ball, awwwww. He is better now, he will have the stitches removed from his foot after Thanksgiving and the stitches in his eye and butt will dissolve.

I'm planning on coming home for Christmas after Dec. 13th, hopefully that week and stay till right after Christmas and come on back. I will be in full swing of riding my road bike by then so hopefully I can catch up with some of my ridin' friends......

Ok, it's just getting colder by the hour, time to go ride......

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