Saturday, June 7, 2014

Gatineau travel.....

Good morning from beautiful Chelsea, Quebec.  Today we race GP Gatineau, 123k of flat, fun roads. I like this race - it's close to home, the city is fun and the weather is usually perfect for racing.  And to think I waited an extra day to come to Canada! Well, not by choice actually.  You know that moment when you are packing up from one race, getting ready to head out the next morning for the airport only to realize that you left your passport in Colorado????? You don't?! I do!!!!! HA!

I boarded my flight from Philadelphia to Dulles no problem but when we were boarding our flight to Ottawa, the guy shot me down:) I figured as much.  We were hoping that I could get to Canada and deal with it there but no, I had to rebook my flight for the following day and spend the afternoon in a hotel while Michael overnighted(not cheap) my passport to the hotel.  It wasn't that bad of a hick up actually and everyone laughed it off.

Once here we rode our bikes in the Gatineau Park, it's about a 22k loop and has some really pretty overlooks.  The roads are nice and quiet, lots of cyclists, lots of trails and lakes and in the winter time it seems like it is a nordic skier's paradise.

 One of the views...
 These reminded me of my grandmother, I'm pretty sure they were her favorites...
 We even got Kevin on a bike!!! (Our director)
 Token bike/view shot....
 We had to move from one house to another and this was what we all looked like - bag ladies.  We laughed the entire walk and almost got carried away by mosquitos.
 My bed for the week..... we have our own bunk beds - it's so cute:)
 The cluster of us trying to get organized for a group photo.
The coolest dog, he is so big, so chill, so sweet!!! I want to take him home!!

After today, we fly to MN and we race there this week and weekend! Then a quick trip to MS to see mom and dad, then back to Colorado to start a long break.

Reading: The Four Minute Mile
Listening: silence, it's pretty early here at the host house
Eating: oatmeal - very unsuccessfully.  Some days it's great but not today.... force feeding
Watching: The LEGO movie!!! It's so cute!
Website:   This is what we are doing post race today!!!!! So excited!

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