Tuesday, February 18, 2014

Camp part 2

Dear mom and dad, so far at camp we've learned how to navigate a ropes course, sing new camp songs, horseback riding, hiking and I'm making you something cool in arts and crafts.......

Nah, not really but remember those days??? I went to camp when I was a kid - YMCA camp and Camp Skyline and we did all those things, along with canoeing, archery and capture the flag.  But at Optum camp it's all about the bike and bonding.  Bikes are still being tweaked, the schedule is chock full of from 8:30am till the afternoon hours but it's all good, every single last drop of it.  So here are some pictures, a little insight to the craziness....

 So when you get all of your clothing, the first thing you have to do is try it ALL on.  This is a lovely shot of my teammate, Amber Rais, mixing it up.
 Jade's national champ jersey looks pretty fly.....
 We spend a lot of time on our phones...
 Action team selfie:)
 And again!
 This is Bill, our mechanic, working his butt off on all our bikes
 The new fleet reading for action...
And Bob! Head men's mechanic getting in tons of work as well...

Reading: The Boys in the Boat by Daniel James Brown
Watching: the beautiful sunrise
Eating: a little bit of everything here at camp
Listening: Love Me Again by John Newman
Website: http://www.gomichellie.com/www.gomichellie.com/Michellie_Jones.html  She is one of our sponsor reps....pretty badass to have someone like her represent your product.

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