Monday, September 9, 2013

Fort Collins and France.....

Seems a break was just what I needed...... Michael and I drove to Fort Collins for a criterium that the team was invited to last minute before we headed over to Europe for 2 stages races then worlds team time trial.

Arriving in Fort Collins fresh and ready to race, the team delivered me to the line perfectly and as one director said, you made that look easy.  Not necessarily easy but it was sure nice to put some money in the bank and have a win under the belt before heading to France for Tour Cycliste Feminin International de l’Ardeche and Italy for Giro della Toscana.  We arrived in Lyon, France and spent a week in Villard des Lans to get over the jet lag and have some time to practice team time trial one more time before getting into full bore race mode.  It was beautiful!!!! It was a ski town and home to the 1968 winter Olympics,  The town had tons of hiking trails, lots of bike riders and it seems lots of mountain bike trails.  And from the looks of the walking trails, I bet  the winter nordic skiing is superb.  The only Internet we could find(none at the house) was at the tourist information center right smack in the middle of town, so every afternoon around 4pm, we would all carpool down the hill and pile into the center and feed the addiction! HA!  Skype, Twitter, Facebook, e-mails with family and friends, etc.

Our team chalet was wonderful, it housed us all plus a barn for our mechanic to have a nice work space.  Everyday our rides were new and adventurous, over climbs, down descents, we found little towns all around and a beautiful gorge to ride through.  We could’ve stayed longer for sure, it was beautiful, peaceful and everyone in town was very nice.  But alas, we need to get on with the job..... racing.

We drove what was supposed to be 2 1/2 hrs but ended up being 5hrs to Ariolles and to our home for the next week - a campsite that was packed with fully outfitted tents and camper trailers that slept 3 to a trailer.  Our team had 3 and we made it home as best we could.  The race was either UP or DOWN, we would climb up one side of a mountain and descend down the other side, run through a town and start all over again.  I had a couple of great results and walked away 11th overall, not too bad for a climbing race.  The team also won team general classification and one day I delivered my teammate to the line first and I was second.  It was payback from the Tour of the Gila, she led me out in that race where I had won and she was second.  :) It’s fun to trade spots and keep everyone guessing.

After Saturday’s final stage, we jumped in the car and headed towards Gernoble were we stayed at a wonderful Holiday Inn Express, with Internet, comfy beds and yummy food.  

Today we are back in the car for 6hrs headed to our next race - Giro della Toscana.  My seat in the car?  The boot, the back, the VERY back:) hahah! I’ve made a pallet with all of our backpacks and I’m laying down typing this blogpost.  We will be staying in Montacatini Terme, that’s such a fun name to say.  

Listening: Walk off the Earth album - R.E.V.O.
Watching: just checking out the scenery
Reading: Seabuscuit, it’s SO GOOD!
Eating: road food, over here it’s more of paninis, sandwiches full of mozerella, tomatoes, procutto, mushrooms, etc.  
Website: roots clothing

Pictures to come when the Internet is fast enough to handle em;) ......

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