Tuesday, June 25, 2013

One more for the road

We head out tomorrow.... Italy bound.  So a blog before I go seeing that I have no idea how the Internet will be in each hotel, plus I'm pretty sure I will be busy sleeping, eating, showering or racing and won't have much time to update things......

Boulder has been wonderful - perfect weather, great food, great shopping and everyone is cheering for us to do well at the Giro.  We've ridden some of the great rides - Jamestown, Peak to Peak HWY, Ward and a couple more I can't remember that Mara took us on.  Thank you Boulder for the fun.

A few pictures of this stay....

 Enjoying the Compex machine......
 You probably can't see the parachuters landing, it was so cool!!!!

 Look who I met!
 Uh OH!!! New purchase;) This is going to be so much fun.....I think...
 Raw garlic b/t 2 apple slices, just for fun:)
 One of the stops on the way up to Jamestown....
 Cool license plate artwork....

 Hanging out with Mara's family...
 Beautiful day!!!
A view from Lee Hill Dr. looking at Boulder, it was so much fun.

Reading: The New Yorker magazine I poached from the host house
Watching: MSU at the CWS...GO DAWGS!
Listening: Kate Nash Pandora station
Eating: raw garlic and apple apparently:)
Website: http://www.compex.info/en_EU/index.html


  1. Good luck and have fun ! Fast legs !!

  2. So proud of you lauren. Always new you had it in you. Miss you and good luck.