Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Boise Crit/Cascade Cycling Classic

I left home last Friday for Boise Crit and Cascade Cycling Classic and just returned yesterday.  It was a great week of racing.

I'd been doing long miles more for Cascade than training for the Boise crit so Michael said I would feel a bit flat for the crit until I rode into it for a while and that is exactly how I felt!  Not much spring or jump in the legs but good power output.  It started raining after about 15min of racing and the roads got slick, the pace slowed  but crashes still happened.  I had my back wheel slide on me one corner but I saved it and none of the TIBCO girls went down.  

We didn't win the race and that was my fault, I'll keep that between the team and myself but that mistake will never happen again and they know that.  

After the crit we took a picture of just how nasty the streets were, it's below in the photos.  

Boise is a great town!!! It's like Durango with a river running through town but it is lower elevation and you can get to the mountains easily.  Downtown is really cool and they have great coffee shops, again, another picture below from one of the coffee shops:)

After Boise, we drove to Bend to prep for Cascade, racing started on Tuesday with a prologue, so we drove straight to the course, changed clothes and jumped on the bikes for a recon ride.  

I was a bit disappointed the prologue wasn't more technical, it seemed to me more of a TT course than a prologue but hey, whatever, roll with it and do the best you can, which for me wasn't a great result and I was pretty disappointed. 

McKenzie Pass day was a good day for the team, I had a great TT and loved the new TT course!! Mt. Bachelor was another good day for the team, crit not so much and the last day wasn't too great but that's racing!  I would've posted more but our Internet at the house wasn't great and I don't have the patience for the spinning wheels!! Check out my teammate's posts - Meredith Miller.  

After all the racing, we joined a couple of other teams for a World Bicycle Relief fundraiser for some beer and food at a local brewery.  I called it a night pretty early since my wake up was at 4:20am but I was home by the afternoon.  It went by to fast, I miss  Bend already, what a great place to be.

Next up, some quick training for a crit this weekend in Michigan, then back to CO for big miles and training for another Europe trip.  We leave on the 13th of August and I won't be back in the states till after the first of September.  Then I'll see how much I have left in the tank for track nationals in LA at the end of September - may or may not happen.  Enjoy the pictures below!

 Coffee break with the boss in Sisters....

 Coffee shop in Boise, too funny!!

 Post crit in Boise..

 Can you guess the only person on the team that still uses a Blackberry????

 Breakfast every morning: Yogurt, Puffins, berries and coffee..

 How does she do this???

New podium shoes....LUV's

Listening: NPR music from New Orleans
Reading: grocery list
Watching: the London run up
Eating: nothing yet! I'm hungry, what's for breakfast
Feeling: good to be home - always!

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  1. Was that fire coming out of your back tire :-) ??