Sunday, June 10, 2012

2012 season part 2

The second half of the season is about to go into full swing:
Road National Championships in a couple of weeks
Cascade Cycling Classic
Elk Grove
Track National Championships
Aspen women's race

That will be the end of August and then what? I will look for more racing at least till the end of September and maybe on to a track program in the fall/winter before the off season rolls around.

I'm so thankful for this break, my townie bike has gotten a lot of use - back and forth to the market(5 whole blocks) - Miller has gotten to swim in the river a lot and I've gotten to evaluate the first 1/2 of the season.  

Next, I look forward to the upcoming months of racing to see what results I can get and what I can do for the team, also, hopefully I can squeeze in some family time back home in MS.

Some questions for you -the reader.

What races would you like to see me do?
Any questions I can answer regarding racing/bikes/training/eating?
Who do you think the most well known US female racer is? Why?
What is your favorite race?
What would you like me to write more about?

Reading: nothing, I'm in between books and I'm not paying $6 for the Sunday NYT's
Listening: Town Mountain, I'm on Fire
Eating: Tuna salad salads
Watching: French Open
Feeling: relaxed - sitting outside, wind is blowing, music is playing, my feet are kicked up.


  1. To funny, Michele just commented that she can't believe she paid $6.00 for the New York Times.. LOL..

  2. More on training and what kinds of recovery. Eating after your racing ?? What ??
    Congratulations on you and your teams season !