Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Last little bit...

Wellpers, that's it....no more road season, all done. I'm sad, which is a good thing, means I'm not burned out or ready to be in the off season(hopefully that mental toughness will pay off next year). I finished things up with the Gateway Cup this past weekend and won the overall.

I look forward to:
my next adventure(I'll have to wait and tell you about it later) at the end of this month
Aspens changing colors and going on some hikes
hanging with the family
endless rides with no time limit in the mountains till it gets too cold

So again, some more random pictures from my brother's house, post race fun and just general team bonding experiences....enjoy.

Verka and I enjoying some dinner outside their house
We were riding around the St. Louis Cardinal stadium when we came up on this sign for parking and insisted we take our picture and while we were there, Kelly saw an old friend of ours....next picture....
We met this guy at the Tour de Grove(St. Louis) races when it was raining and cold. He was one of those random folks that walks up to the tent, looks at all of us in our 'bike clothes', looks at all our 'bikes', crossed the barriers, notices other folks racing around the blocks and says, "Is there something going on today?"
So I obliged and told him we were bike racers and I inquired on what he did-he is the 'Bud Light' guy at the baseball games, you know the ones who walk up and down the stairs yelling, 'BUD LIGHT'. So I asked him to do his 'call', those guys always have something unique to get your attention and man did he let out a yell!!! It was highly impressive. So fast forward a couple of months and we had just finished taking our picture next to the Rock Star parking sign when Kelly says, "Hey, it's the Bud Light guy!" And sure enough......
I love me some chicken wangs! Grrrrrr
Post race celebrations.....Elk Grove I think....

I'm back home, feet kicked up, Miller snoring.

Reading: Tina Fey's Bossypants
Eating: nothing exciting to note actually
Watching: FOOTBALL!!!!!
Listening: my house noises, oh so sweet

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  1. Congratulations on all you've accomplished! Nice blog, too!