Thursday, August 11, 2011

While I was out...

So after the Charlotte crit(July 30th-we won!), I headed to Asheville with 2 teammates, Rachel and Adrian for some down time before the next race-Elk Grove(we won!). My brother lives in Asheville and we made the most of the 3 days I was there, as the pictures below show....:)

Shooting his 308 rifle a.k.a. deer killin machine!
Look close in this picture and you will see a red speck, that was the target ~200yards away, it may have taken us a couple of times to hit it...maybe.....
Then on to golf...this is Ben's view out his back yard....for refrence, the target we were shooting at was to the right of this view....
So I'm no golfer, I want to learn but this is as good as it gets right now:)...I did hit the ball
My golfer pose...
Down by the river, hanging out....

Next training camp, a.k.a. different roads to ride while putting in the time, then on to Michigan, Aspen and New York, then back to Asheville!!! Wonder what else we can do next time I get there?!

Reading: The Immortal Life of Henrietta Lacks, Rebecca Skloot
Listening: Dave Matthews
Eating: Tomatoes! Yum a tum!
Watching: my dog sleep
Looking forward to: 'training camp'


  1. Hey honey! You are ALL OVER the place! Congrats, have fun, and lovin the beer and beans! Looking great!

  2. It has been a crazy summer, that's for sure!!!! How is life?