Tuesday, June 28, 2011

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Well, nationals was an interesting weekend. Augusta was a pretty cool town with some pretty warm temperatures and the time trial was Thursday, crit Friday and road race on Sunday.

While 2 of my teammates did the time trial the rest of us went to the road race course to check it out and get an idea of what was in store. It was a great course and the combination of rollers and the heat, it was going to be a tough race.

The crit wasn't a proper race at all due to weather! We were supposed to race around 1hr and 1/2 which is great for weeding out the weak and settling the peleton but we only raced 30 minutes before the announcer said, 5 laps to go! There was a serious storm moving in and they were looking after our safety. The wind picked up, dust was blowing everywhere and girls were going crazy pretty much. Our sprinter ended up getting second but when you are ready to race a HARD race and then you get back in the van after 30 minutes, it's a weird feeling...but we had to re-focus and look ahead to Sunday and that's what we did.

On Sunday our race strategy was successful but again another second place finish but THAT'S RACIN!!! You never know unless you try and we tried....

Next up:

That's July! :) Hope you guys can follow on Twitter and Facebook, we will have updates.

Tonight's dinner: Taco Salad, hummus, gluten free beer(it's ok), blackberries, olives, milk chocolate squares;)
Listening to: Ellie Goulding

ALSO WATCHING: Women's FIFA world cup!!!!

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