Monday, May 23, 2011

The Blues Trail

Again, another post that has nothing to do with cycling:) this time about the blues-the creator of all music and all of it from the heart of Mississippi, the delta to be exact.

The Blues Trail is pretty much all the river towns along HWY 61 and the MS river from Vicksburg north and ends in Memphis, TN, that's where everyone recorded...

So while I was home visiting, we drove to see my nephew in north Mississippi and on the way back, dad drove down HWY 61 for fun and we stopped in Tunica and Clarksdale before making our way back to Vicksburg. Check out the photos and the links, it's some good history!

This sign is for a hotel, the hotel is in the picture behind the sign....yep, that's a hotel still today and yes people still stay there:)
One of the hotel's fine rooms:) Notice the car tag from California. People come here for 'inspiration' for their music....there is a feel to these places...
More of the Riverside Hotel, wonder what it is like on the inside? We didn't get to see....
Madidi's restaurant, owned by Morgan Freeman
Inside Ground Zero, the blues club also owned by Morgan Freeman
The lovely inside furniture, now outside:) "Don't make your mama cry"
Ground Zero...
Ike Turner history.....
Blues Museum......

And that's about it!


  1. Do you know I have never been there? Looks like it was a fabulous day!!!

  2. Michelle you NEED to GO! Just for the fun of it:)