Friday, October 1, 2010

Boston was awesome!

I'm actually behind Lauren Tamayo, you can't even see me....shame...
Look at the third floor window!!! Dewey, Cheatham & Howe!!!
The FOOT!!!! Please give me luck!
Sara started it!! We don't know what this was but we couldn't resist, while the kids were being all smart and cruzin around campus...
We were REALLY having fun
Fenway Park

Boston was full of fun, some CRAZY drivin and some awesome sights, oh yeah and a bike race;)

Race report: The race was a race only because of Team VBF! If Alison wasn't attacking and off the front or Robin was attacking for a prime, then I was giving it a go and that is how it went UNTIL lap 18/32. There was a bad crash in turn 2 and they neutralized the race till lap 13, then it was back at it:) I knew where I needed to be for the sprint but unfortunately I was boxed in and could only stay in for 5th, a bittersweet ending for the year but we had a blast.

My host: The amazing Sara Bresnick-Zocchi and her awesome hubby Michael AND their stuck up cat....Coconut a.k.a. Coco! I picked on the cat a bit too much and she let me know all the time....

Then it was time for some fun and sightseeing:) First up, most important, Dewey, Cheatem & Howe-the Click and Clack gag name for their law firm! There wasn't much to it AT all but it was still cool to nab the picture.

Then on to Fenway Park, we didn't make it inside, we were pretty beat so we just took some pics outside the park and bought a couple of souvenirs.

I got a lot smarter after visiting Harvard, walking around on campus, rubbin 'tha foot' and pretty much just kicking around having fun on the campus.....

And then it was time to come home, which I was ready......I missed my pup, Coco just wasn't cutting it for me;) and I missed the dry air, no really!!! And I was ready to get away from all this crazy drivin!!! They didn't have lanes and people drove CRAZY!!! Sara included! But she was hell on wheels and was one hell of a host for drivin us around town, thanks chica.....

Now that it is the off season for a couple of weeks, it is time to play some disc golf, hike, ride my mountain bike and all that 'other' stuff:)!!! Whooo hooo!


  1. Nice to meet you, and glad you had fun in our crazy city. (I was doing racer sign-in and quite politely asked you if you had taken a shower after the race, eek.)


  2. hahaha! no worries on the 'shower' bit.....i get asked that a LOT! Especially when I was playing soccer;)

    Thank you for all the hard work! We had a blast!