Thursday, September 16, 2010

Next adventure

Miller was all excited to be hangin out with my new toy
This is the beginning of my next adventure.....the track.....

Specialized was so awesome in sending me this Langster track frame and I'm in the process of ordering my Shimano parts and Mavic wheels. As the parts come in and the bike starts to take shape, I will update my blog accordingly:)

I'm not sure of WHEN I'm going to the track to give it a go but again, you will know when I do, probably within the next couple of months-I think I'm going home first, got some work to do there. I'm also checking into getting a full cyclocross setup, if anyone has any ideas please let me know. I'm not looking for top end cyclocross, just enough for me to get out and do some local races....

Well, time to get in a road ride, just a couple more weeks, then I will race Boston and hang it up for the year.....stay tuned...

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  1. Get yourself some Crank Brothers pedals or Look Quartz pedals. Both have great mud clearance and are easy-in/easy-out. Most components for local CX are either 105 or Ultregra in Shamino or Rival or Force in Sram. It basically depends on your budget and which company you like. You'll see a few really good racers with Campy 9-speed for the mud clearance.

    Tires always depend on race conditions, but the Hutchinson Bulldog is a good all rounder.